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Let me start by saying that I'm not available. Sorry.
After years of study and practice, I am an experienced, qualified and skillful web designer. I studied for various diplomas and certificates while working towards my degree, with the intention of setting up my own studio at home.
While I studied, my partner became progressively more disabled - with the end result that by the time I could start, I couldn't start. Now, I simply maintain my blog.
I have created sites for many varied clients over the years, but as I am no longer responsible for the sites, I feel unable to claim any credit for them. I keep up to date, however, and have just handed over a new site to my niece.
The links on the left are to my own blog; my niece's dog grooming website; my brothers photography website, which was a collaboration between us. (His design, my code.); and another niece's handmade greeting card site. (This one was actually created entirely by Kate, but I taught her everything she knows, so I feel a little responsible...)
If you like what you see, here and on my other sites, please feel free to bookmark the page, and keep an eye on my blog - should I decide to start designing sites professionally again, you'll read it there first.
Thank you for your interest.
Let sleeping dogs lie